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Covid / Homeless Housing

Project Profile

Fall 2020

This project is an initiative of

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St Jude Center
Park Central

8102 LBJ at Coit Road
Project Abstract

The Project is 180+ units of supportive housing with wraparound services for homeless and housing-insecure persons in Dallas County – it is not a shelter.

Phase I
Target is COVID displaced homeless or housing insecure individuals.

Phase II
Initial target is general homeless and housing insecure with a diverse population in age, gender, and capacity.

The project is under LOI for purchase by St Jude Park Central LLC, a member of the Catholic Housing Initiative (CHI). All property management will be provided by Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD), as well as coordination and delivery of all social services. Dallas County will provide significant capital for purchase and renovations, as well as Phase I operational funding utilizing CARES Act monies.

Adaptive reuse of an existing and operating four-story, 180+ room hotel (with sprinklers and elevators) into near immediate COVID response housing while commencing with simultaneous renovations to enable long-term transitional and permanent supportive housing in Phase II. An adjoining hospitality building will be converted for ancillary use by residents, staff, and partner non-profits. The property is adjacent to a bus stop for two DART bus routes which offer easy access to DART rail Red Line and cross-town bus routes.

Currently under contract; diligence completed October 31, purchase closing November 30; occupancy December; upgrade will commence December and continue for approximately twelve months as logistics and funding permit.

City of Dallas
City staff are aware of the project and have suggested cooperative funding yet there is no official approval and the time availability of any such funding is unknown.

Purchase and Renovation Cost

Operational Funding
Phase I of the project will be “master leased” to Dallas County for COVID-impacted residents. The County will reimburse Phase I cost of operation without profit to sponsors. The County will decide when to scale back in approximate 10% increments to permit Phase II use as permanent supportive and/or transitional housing for general homeless and housing-insecure population. Sponsors will arrange funding for rental subsidies via HUD-issued vouchers, grants, and donor funds as well as providing or facilitating services and casework.

Noting the highly successful collaborations at the original St Jude Center to the west (City Square, Metrocare, and VASH), Sponsors will involve third-party providers in the health and welfare of residents in both Phase I and Phase II. Depending on the profile of the CoVid-impacted persons it is anticipated Medical, Mental Health, and Vocational services will be desirable if not mandatory. CCD is in the process of contacting local providers to invite their participation and help for the future occupants, residents, and potentially the surrounding community.

Project Community Need, Goals, and Impact


According to the Metropolitan Dallas Homeless Alliance 2020 Point-in-Time count, over 4,000 homeless individuals reside in Dallas County alone. At the same time, availability and costs of rental or owned property in the Metroplex continue to rise creating tens of thousands of housing-insecure individuals and families. Covid and other economic pressures are likely to exacerbate the problems in the coming months and years.

St Jude Center – Park Central will serve as a much-needed respite during this pandemic and economic storm for today and in years to come. With intensive case management allowing for the needs of the individual to be adequately addressed through access to mental, physical, substantive, and vocational services, SJC-Park Central will welcome, stabilize, and improve the journey of all it serves.

Phase I
  1. Provide safe, affordable housing for homeless individuals impacted and / or displaced by COVID
  2. Provide three meals a day via contracted services
  3. Provide case management to assess, understand, and bring appropriate services to bear for each resident’s individual needs
  4. “Graduate” residents to independent living environments accessible to transportation, jobs, and community
Phase II
  1. Provide Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), with a portion dedicated to transitional housing, to homeless individuals coming from local shelters or other gateway environments and non-profit partners
  2. Provide fully-equipped efficiency, residential suites with full kitchens and private bathrooms
  3. Provide case management to assess, understand, and bring appropriate services to bear for each resident’s individual needs
  4. Serve a diverse and copacetic population willing to live within the guidelines and safety protocol for the complex, creating community and collaborative promotion of all residents’ well-being and growth
  5. "Graduate” 20% of the residents annually to independent living environments accessible to transportation, jobs, and community impact
St Jude Center – Park Central will serve as many as 180+ residents every year, improving their lives, longevity, and general well-being while opening up much needed shelter and gateway space for others still living without shelter and likely little hope.